Welcome to 3M HDD FHIR Sandbox at

This sandbox implements the Terminology Module of FHIR STU 3. This sandbox is provided for testing purposes and is not meant for production use.

Supported Operations

The following operations are supported from FHIR STU3 (3.0.1 - release 3 with technical errata)

API End Point

Base URL for FHIR APIs '<baseurl>':

FHIR Capability Statement

The machine and human readable FHIR capability statement is available at <baseurl>/metadata


OAuth2 is supported with Google and GitHub as the OAuth2 provider. Name and email address of the OAuth credentials are logged.

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Access Token:

Supported Code Systems, Value Sets, and Concept Maps

The supported code systems, value sets, and concept maps are found by calling the respective base resource URLs. Supported versions of each code system, value set and concept map are found by calling the resource URL of the respective code system, value set, or concept map.

Search and Browse Tool

The web-based search and browse tool for this instance of the 3M HDD is available here.